About Us

Hey Y’all! 

It’s Zack, Annie, and Lola, also known as the Natural State Nomads. We started this blog as a way for family, friends, and anyone else to keep tabs on us as we begin our new adventure of converting & living in a bus while traveling the country.

The Story of Annie & Zack 

We were both raised in Arkansas, in towns about 30 minutes apart, but we didn’t meet until we started in the same training program at our job straight out of college. We bonded over bike rides, an inappropriate sense of humor, and a mutual sense that we had no idea what we were doing at our new jobs. Aww, Love.

Every year we plan a trip to a place we have always wanted to go. For the sake of time and money, it has always ended up with us renting & living out of a car while doing a whirlwind tour of the places on our list of must sees in the area. We always leave feeling rushed and like we didn’t have time to see and do all that we wanted. We don’t get to spend any time at the places we find we love. We see. We do. We leave.

After several years of doing the 8-5, M-F office job and seeing each year all the places we could be, we both knew that we weren’t totally happy with how we were living. Having to go into work on the nicest of days and sit in a cubicle/room for 8 hours killed us. Zack eventually moved on to another job where he worked 100% remote. This was what set the wheels in motion. “I can work from ANYWHERE!”

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And Then There’s Lola

Lola, more affectionately known as Pup Pup, is our pit-bull. While her breed may get a bad rap, she is one is the sweetest, most playful dogs. She is also a big scaredy cat. We are looking at you, butterflies!! At only one year old, she can’t get enough running and playing, so we are excited to give her more opportunities to do so. If you ever run into her, your only worries should be getting licked and jumped on(<–we are still working on this). She will instantly try to befriend anyone she sees. Got a milk-bone? You’ll be her best friend for life.

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