Completing Construction

Published by on October 1, 2016 at 3:37 pm

Construction is complete!!

“Whaaat?!?!”, you say. “The last post was about sealing the roof, and now y’all are done building!” 

Yes. Yes we are. It took a little less than a year to do it, but we are now officially done with all the construction.

We didn’t post as much as we thought we would throughout the building process. Zack doesn’t like to write posts and I don’t know how to write about construction. Not to mention, he and his dad did a lot of the work during the week while I was not there. Better to have no posts than for me to try to write about something that I know almost nothing about. Lets just say I have embarrassed myself more than once when they asked me to go inside and get them a tool.

Since there aren’t many posts on it, feel free to ask any questions about the construction process. Materials we used or how something was done. Zack is really good at answering specific questions!

From picking the bus up, to cooking our first meal, here is our album of photos that we are constantly updating. They provide the detail of our bus construction that our lack of posts don’t.

…and some photos of the finished bus, minus decor. That is what we are working on now.


The grand entrance


The living room/dining room/kitchen/everything room


Our sweet setup


Hidden refrigerator


Bathroom door & storage


The throne




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